Our Signature Therapy
Physio – Veda is our innovation, where we combine modern knowledge, diagnosis, Yoga and traditional Ayurvedic knowledge.  This therapy is a combination of traction, manipulation, herbal oil treatment and hot cold compress therapies.  A therapy that will alleviate the pain caused by bad posture and stress from over the work.

Panchakarma – The Rejuvenation Therapy
Charaka and Susrutha details all about Panchakarma – a five fold rejuvenation therapy to fight ‘ageing’.  The secret of being young for the ancient elite Indians was Panchakarma and was practiced at regular intervals.
This treatment eliminates disease causing toxins and revitalizes your body and mind.  Oils prepared of herbal decoctions are massaged all over the body.  This oil is rubbed all over and will be wiped off using medicated powder and a medicated shampoo is applied for the head.
Panchakarma provides longevity of life, keeps the body elements balanced and restores the spirit and vitality.  This 21 day course is cut short to a week for the beginners.  Panchakarma keeps you fit and vibrant for the whole year, once done.

Life Style Therapy
The Lifestyle Stress therapy program rejuvenates you to handle those stress related situations in the work and home environments.  This unique program conditions your body and mind to face the harsh realities of a challenging career or family stress.

Skin and Face Therapy
If you want your skin to look good day after day and years after years, you have to work on it from the inside out.  If skin is not cared for properly and is neglected, it suffers from premature ageing.  This Ayurveda program can create a truly beautiful skin that will give you the appearance you always wished for.

Knee and Joint Therapy
The Knee and Joint program rejuvenates bone and joint disorders that cause pain and suffering in your everyday work and play.  We offer highly effective Ayurveda therapies thereby reducing the stiffness of joints and detoxifying the body, thus restoring strength and mobility to the area.  It also reduces inflammation and helps improve circulation.  Apart from this, it also helps tone up the ligaments and muscles of your legs and reduces the degeneration of the cartilage.

Hormone Balancing Therapy
This Ayurvedic program helps correct the hormonal imbalance and mental disturbances that may change your lifestyle.  Our Ayurvedic treatments of oils, rejuvenative herbal medicines and massage therapy will remove the collection of fluid and reduce the hot flashes in your body.  Another important benefit from the therapy is that it increases the sleep and corrects fat metabolism.

Stoke Rehabilitation
Effective treatments both internal and external are performed for all types of paralysis cases.  In fact, the Acharyas (traditional teachers) have formulated special medicines and treatments called Kerala Special type treatments like Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara and Siro Vasthi, etc.  for treatment of such chronic diseases.

However, it should be clearly understood that the information given above are from a general perspective and not conclusive.  Each case will be analyzed and decided upon by a qualified Physician.
Our associates in India will give you the extra care that you may require once you are there.